How to Cope with Social Anxiety at the Gym

Gym anxiety is very common when you are new somewhere or you are first starting your exercise.

What I feel this anxiety comes from some comfort situation.

This situation mostly relies on mentally.

So you need to work on your mind before going gym first time.

I am sure keeping a few things in the head will help you to understand how to cope with social anxiety at the gym.

I will say more words lets start with the article and boost your confidence for the same.

Causes Of Social Anxiety at The Gym:

I have noticed there are main 4 causes of social anxiety at the gym.

a) Uncertainty: If you do not know what to do in the gym then you are uncertain.

It starts to give you a phobia about the gym.

b) Comparison: Newcomers of the gym often think that they might be getting compare by others or unknowingly you start comparing yourself with others.

c) Getting Judge: Most of the people gets fear about that. They think they are getting judged by others. Or not knowing how to use any type of equipment (it happened with me).

d) Not to belong in The Gym: People think that they do not belong in the gym. They feel it is not at all familiar.

These are the main reasons for social anxiety at the gym.

Keeping these points in mind I will discuss how to cope up with social anxiety at the gym.

1. Work With Your Mindset:

From an uncertain situation, social anxiety at the gym starts.

If you go to the gym without having any plan in your head then this situation will appear and you will start anxiousness.

So my suggestion is to go to the gym with an aim.

Decide previously what you gonna do today.

Which machine you should start with.

Which floor exercise you must follow after cardio with how many sets and reps.

Keeping a fitness plan will reduce your anxiety and you will be aware of your activities.

2. Visit The Gym During Peak-Off Hours:

If you feel awkward in-crowd then avoid busy time at the gym.

Ask at the front desk about busy and peak off time.

Schedule your gym timing accordingly.

When you will be habituated with gym routine try to come at a busy time once.

You will get to know about equipment and exercises more from hardcore fitness people.

3. Focus On Your Present Workout Steps:

Focus on yourself.

Concentrating your self can distract you from anxiety at the gym.

You feel your every breath.

Feel your every physical response.

How your body is reaching out, how you are doing with any new machine etc will not give you time to think negatively.

Pay attention to your instructor if you are in any gym classes.

Praise yourself if it is a very small achievement also.

It will boost your confidence day by day and also help you to reduce social anxiety.

4. Bring Friend at The Gym:

When you are with your friend or with any family member then you are much more comfortable at the gym

Being with fiend at the gym will decrease your anxiety and will motivate you to exercise.

You will have someone to chat and share your funny experience to light your mood.

A friend may help to ease for a new workout or try some new classes.

With a friend, you will get more exposure to others.

5. Build Confidence:

Believe in yourself and go to the gym every day.

More you will go to the gym less anxiety will be there.

Going with a plan and fitness guide and with a friend will give you more confidence.

If people look at you also you have to think about it positively.

They might appreciate your dedication and motivation.

Buy proper gym clothes it will give you not only confidence but it also eases you for the workout.

Remember your fitness goal can give you ultimate confidence.

6. Talk With Trainer:

Talking with trainers or coaches will give you little exposure to others.

It will help you to reduce your social anxiety.

Introduce yourself to the trainer.

Ask questions regarding any equipment or about any exercise.

Remember they are there for helping you.

They will not judge you for any questions rather they will help you to give proper answers.

They love to rectify your postures and moves which will help you further.

If no trainer or fitness is coaching around then ask anyone near you.

These small approaches will decrease your anxiety.

7. No One is Judging:

Keep it as simple as that.

People come to the gym for exercise not to judge others.

Everyone is focused on their workout, their exercise routine.

No one bothers you.

You should concentrate on your workout only.

You do not have to think about what people will think about your body shape, fitness level and clothes.

All are having different sets of goals and they are working on it.

See all have started with the same point first starting at the gym.

8. Pick Up Exercise For Anxiousness:

It is not possible that you will leave your gym exercise and you will start your breathing exercise.

Better you should keep breathing exercises in your daily routine.

Do meditation every day.

It will help you to cope up with social anxiety at the gym too.

You need to keep the focus on your breath at the gym also.

9. Keep Eye on Your Target:

You need to keep in mind why you have chosen to come to the gym.

You have to focus on our fitness goals.

Your fitness goals only can give you more confidence.

More you will be in your desired shape close you will be towards your goal.

So highlight your goals and be confident and go for it.



I have shared how to cope up with social anxiety at the gym in this article.

And I am sure the tips are simple enough to be followed.

Please share it with your beloved ones those might find it helpful.

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