lose facial fats naturally

7 Practical Ways to Lose Facial Fats Naturally (Fully Actionable Guide)

This is the most frequently asked question to me. Before I will go into the article subject I want to say-Love your looks with you were born, be confident with your appearances.... Read more »
overcome smartphone addiction

11 Practical Tips to Overcome Smartphone Addiction

This is a real-life experience that I am sharing with you all. The term¬† “Nomophobia” I saw the first time after downloading the digital wellness app. It means I was the category... Read more »

11 Iron-Rich Foods for Vegetarians (Updated List for 2020)

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Green Tea Face Packs: How It is Beneficial for Glowing Skin

We all are very well known about green tea. It has numerous benefits to health. Drinking green tea should be in our routine. In Japan and China, there is a wide range... Read more »

Body Mindfulness Meditation: How to Practice it Home (Without Being Expensive)

What is Body Mindfulness Meditation? The Budhha selected some subjects to be the objects of every meditation. In this article, we will discuss one of the forty Buddhist meditation designed for both... Read more »

Increase Dopamine: How to Boost Up Your Happiness Hormone for Good

Dopamine : Dopamine is a main chemical messenger for the brain among 100 neurotransmitters. It is widely known as a “feel-good” brain chemical. Dopamine affects your mood, memory, motivation, sleep, appetite, etc.... Read more »

3 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Diet at School (Fit Teens Guide)

Why this article is important? Teens or school going children requires a good and healthy diet to maintain a healthy weight. Yes for that a healthy lifestyle also require. At this stage,... Read more »
Increase Glutathione Naturally: An Actionable Guide for You

Increase Glutathione Naturally: An Insanely Actionable Guide for You

Glutathione is the most important and powerful antioxidant in our body. I have shared about antioxidant foods in detail previously. So for a wider knowledge of antioxidants, I am sharing a few... Read more »
How to Lower Myostatin Levels (A Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Lower Myostatin Levels (A Step-by-Step Guide)

What is Myostatin? Myostatin is a type of protein. This protein is present in humans and animals. Myostatin mainly prevents the growth of muscles. Myostatin high levels can reason for a loss... Read more »
Enjoy Being Alone: A Step-by-Step Guide to Stay Happy for Lonely People

Enjoy Being Alone: A Step-by-Step Guide to Stay Happy for Lonely People

Humans are social animals that have been taught us from our childhood. It does not mean if you are lonely than you are not social. People called lonely people unsocial. Believe me,... Read more »