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As the name implies, blisslife is purely related to a blissful life.

Basically, blisslife is a Health and Wellness Blog.

blisslife went live on 15th April 2015 for the first time and since then, it is genuinely helping hundreds of people by providing the most useful information on health and wellness.

Read BlissLife About Us Page for details.


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Diversified Audience Network:

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Here at blisslife, Content Quality (including Ads, Posts, Images, Videos, everything) is most important for us. So before contacting us for any kind of advertisement, please make sure you are trying to promote something valuable and legally safe.

2. Turn Around Time (TAT):

Depending upon the complexity of work, it may take us to 5-7 working days to Publish a Paid Review + Tutorial or, Make a Banner Ad Live. In this regard, your kind cooperation is strictly expected.

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You MUST book a Banner Ad Slot for a Minimum of 30-Days.

4. Supply of Ad and Sponsored Post:

You must send your Ad and Complete Sponsored Post at least 7 working days before going live of the same.

5. Paid Review + Tutorial:

We NEVER publish any Product/Service Review and Tutorial without having tested the same from our end. So if you want us to Publish a Paid Review for a Product and/ or, Service, you MUST grant us a Full Evaluation Licence for the same.

6. Invoicing and Payment:

You MUST fully Pay the Invoice Amount in full before the commencement of the service from our end. You will receive invoices from our parent business unit Amazing Electronics.

7. Display of Disclosure/Disclaimer:

Here at BlissLife, we believe in complete transparency. So we put special disclaimers/disclosures against each Paid Review and Sponsored Post. This helps us to comply with the latest FTC Guidelines.

8. Refund Policy:

Due to the nature of service, we are unable to offer any refund once the advertisement goes live or, a sponsored post or, a paid review gets scheduled/published. However, if you change your mind before that, we will happy to offer you up to 90% of the fees depending upon the service.

9. All Rights Reserved:

Finally, we reserve all the rights to Accept, Reject, Edit, Delete the Sponsored Posts, and Paid Tutorials after 30-Days of the publication with or, without prior notice. This is also true for Banner Ads, we reserve the right to reject any Banner Ad after 30-Days of going live with or, without prior notice.

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Please fill-up the Comment Section below if your choice is not listed above.
Please fill-up the Comment Section below if your choice is not listed above.
Please fill-up the Comment Section below if your choice is not listed above.
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